I am a program and project management expert with experience in delivering large projects globally. A large part of my experience has been in the US, implementing solutions for companies like The Coca Cola Company, Pfizer, State Farm Insurance and Safeway.  More than the projects and applications, I build highly focused teams, often cross cultural and global in nature. This, combined with in-depth knowledge of software engineering and metrics, is the key to my style of working.

Some of the engagements that I have  managed for my employers like Mahindra Satyam and Applabs are:

  • The Coca Cola Company
  • Pfizer Inc
  • Safeway

I have also managed and led from the front some large scale development projects for State Farm Insurance, Microsoft, NCR and American Commercial barge Lines.

  • Implemented 300 person months project “External Tracking System” (ETS) for State Farm Insurance. The project went live on schedule, with less than 0.8 delivered defects/ KLOC. Another 100-person month project “Agents Marketing and Planning Process” (AMAPP) went live in Jan 04.
  • The ETS project was considered to be “one of the best projects I have ever seen at Satyam” by the BVQI auditors. The project was also audited by KPMG for awarding CMMI certification to Satyam. Many project best practices identified for Satyam wide implementation.
  • Implemented 150 person month core healthcare applications for Willamette Dental, USA. This was on Microsoft dot net platform. The project was delivered within 8 months and was successfully rolled out across 3 US states. The delivered defect density was less than 1 defect/ KLOC.
  • Responsible for turning around critical lifecycle projects intervening at various stages of the following projects:
  • 800 person month Rate Quote System project for Caterpillar Inc
  • 300 person month Childcare application project for PLAN Intl.
  • Project Manager for ICE Testing project for Microsoft Corporation. Satyam was subsequently given the responsibility for development

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