Bhupinder Singh is an IT program and project management expert with industry experience spanning many domains and technologies. His specialization is handling large scale enterprise wide business applications and turning around projects in distress. A large part of his experience has been on the onshore- offshore model, having spent over 8 years in customer facing, delivery roles in the US and over 8 years managing programs in India.
Before moving to the Toronto area in Canada, he worked with leading Indian IT companies like HCL Technologies, Mahindra Satyam,  Punjab Communications Limited and  Applabs.
He is now a freelance consultant and available for any consulting roles, particularly for projects that involve offshore development. He lives in Mississauga and is available to work anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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  1. 1084 says:

    should tell u… i was imagining a very old man before seeing this photograph.

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Bhupinder,

    It’s Charlie of MPMM here.

    I see that your blog is very informative on project management. In this regard, we

    are interested to contribute project management articles to your blog if that’s fine with you.

    As token of gratitude in letting us contribute, we will give you 3 free licenses to our MPMM software.

    Kindly send me an email if this is possible.

    Charlie Adams

  3. rw says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for dropping by. I use this blog to capture and share my personal experiences in project management, hence it is of a very personal nature. I am afraid I would like it to continue that way. Thanks for your comment, all the same.


  4. Sohel Kapasi says:

    Hi Bhupinder,

    I saw your Linkedin profile, you got new position at Wipro Technologies as Program Manager.

    So heartily congratulations and wish you all the best!!!

    I always miss your managing style and your teaching passion.

    Thank you,
    Sohel Kapasi

  5. bhupinder says:

    @Sohel: Thanks for the mention. I think I was only a catalyst and the quest for learning and perfection is within you.

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