Software Metrics-III: An unorthodox metric

Here is an example of a non- orthodox metric that I happened to use for a large project.

The feedback received on the project’s artifacts was related not only to the defects in the work products but a major part was non-defect comments (see diagram below). We were able to demonstrate to the customer through an analysis that all review comments were not defects. A detailed classification was also provided to substantiate the data. This enabled the customer’s project manager to go back to his team and guide them in controlling the non-defect review comments. This resulted in reduction of re-work by the team and enhanced the customer’s perception about the quality of the deliverables.

Key Steps:

  • Consolidate all review comments in a single document (a tool like MS Excel can also be used).
  • Categorize each review comment by the phase, artifact and type.
  • Prepare a visual representation (example pie chart) of review comments and include as part of the weekly status

Outcome: Help the customer analyze the project feedback by categorizing and visually representing the review comments for a better perspective. This will help both the team and the customer by reducing re-work and enhancing perceptions about deliverables.

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